Equilizing Prescription Drug Prices World Wide

President Trump pledged to lower prescription drug prices in the U.S. in his State of the Union speech, and explained lower prices in several different nations for identical drugs as “very, very unfair.”

We don’t know precisely how the Trump government will proceed. But it’s necessary to understand what opportunities exist, and what’s at stake for the development of new medicines, in rebalancing international drug prices.

High drug costs in the U.S. help pharmaceutical innovators cover the high cost of bringing a new drug to market — more than $2 billion each based on several independent estimates. While Americans carry that load at pharmacy stations and pay high insurance premiums and deductibles, Europeans get access to new drugs at deeply …

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7 Support Groups For Dealing With Prescription Drug Addictions

Prescription drug abuse is an issue that can destroy lives and tear families apart. It is not just the families of narcotic abuse and alcohol abuse that suffer. Prescription drug addicts require the same level of support and guidance, and it is crucial to find the best treatment programs possible.

At the same time, family members that struggle to accept the issue or help require their form of support. The following seven groups offer programs, talks, emotional support and other resources for anyone struggling with this addition.…

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The Downside Of Price Controls On European Prescription Drugs

Control The European Prescription Drugs Price

Prescription drugs are a vital part of healthcare in the EU. Millions of people rely on these prescriptions every day to deal with chronic illness and life-altering conditions. The use of prescribed medication is also on the rise with an ageing population, greater accessibility, and more options.

New drug laws are continually being creating to deal with issues of administration, abuse, and regulation. These rules also apply when creating price controls on prescription medication. Time is when these price controls seemed that the most economically beneficial thing to do. There are now concerns that it can be damaging.…

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The EU’s 3rd Multi-Annual Health Program For 2014-2020

Prescription Drugs For Multi-Annual Health Program

In 2004, the EU developed a new Health program for years up to 2020. The final, approved name was “the third program of Union action in the field of health (2014-20)”. This six-year plan is designed to expand upon previous ideas and improve the administration of health care and prescription drugs in the region.

The Aims Are Vague And Do Not Offer Major Policy Changes To Reflect Any Significant Threat

There is the talk of general health promotion, disease prevention and improved accessibility to improved healthcare programs. There are also plans for innovative and sustainable health care, a healthier population, economic growth and protection for cross-border health threats.…

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European Drug Laws On Prescribed Opioids And Substitution Medication

European Drug Laws For Prescription Drug

Prescription drug abuse can affect any country through a range of substances. The most prevalent issues tend to involve opioids (painkillers), depressants (sleeping pills and anxiety medication) and stimulants (ADHD medication).

It is important for healthcare providers across Europe to be able to tackle the problem of drug dependency in a positive manner. This means creating strong EU drug laws that help the addict.

It is important for European nations to tackle the issue of abusing prescription drugs before it gets out of control. It is also important to provide a safe way of dealing with synthetic opioids for substitution medication.

Both issues have to lead to some different policies across the continent. …

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The Often Unseen Side Effects Of Addiction To Prescription Drugs

Effects Of Addiction To The Prescription Drugs

Drug dependency is a big issue in American health care, with many addicts treated for their addictions. However, there is often a misconception about what it means to be addicted to drugs and the effect it has.

There is too much emphasis on the harrowing impact of hard drugs like heroin and meth. Although this is important, the issue of addiction to prescription drugs tends to go under the radar.

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An Introductory Guide To Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drugs Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is a big problem in American culture, yet it is still not treated with the seriousness it deserves. More patients are dealing with this form of drug addiction than many of us initially, assume.

The danger with this misconception and poor attitude to awareness is that addicts can fall beneath the cracks. There are around 48 million people in the US on prescription medication.

What percentage are missing and dealing with dependency? This guide on addiction to prescription drugs will break the issue down to help users, and family members better understand it.

What Is Drug Addiction?

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