Matching drug addicts to the right treatment options can be tricky. Some methods aren’t a good fit depending on the addiction type and a user’s personality. Some addicts may simply be unaware of the options that are available for prescription drug addiction vs alcohol addiction. These directories can help the UK and European addicts find a local treatment provider that satisfy their requirement.

Drug Treatment Resources Locations In The UK

The United Kingdom has some national services providing support for drug addictions. This has lead to a range of service locators. Each has their service options, whether alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs are abused and all can found online.

Rehab Online (Rehab-Online.Org.Uk)

Rehab online is the first place many addicts that will need to turn if they decide to go to rehab. This online directory offers a list of residential services across England and Wales. All users need to do is click the link, put in their search criteria and compare the results. The location search offers local services by postcode, town or county. There is the chance to search by name if looking for a particular charity.

UK-Rehab, Drug & Alcohol Rehab (Uk-Rehab.Com)


This site works on the same principle. It offers a directory of services and organizations dealing in addiction treatment across the UK. (UK-Rehab)

Port Of Call (Portofcall.Com)

Port of Call spreads the net a little wider by providing UK drug addicts with locations for international services. These services are base on rehab, detoxification, and other after-care services. All UK services are the guarantee to register with the Care Quality Commission. The other interesting aspect of Port of Call is that the team is made up of trained professionals and people in recovery.

Dear Albert (Dearalbert.Co.Uk)

Dear Albert – This free resource specializes in recovery interventions, peer monitoring, and support packages. They have partners across the UK that include detoxification centers, counseling, residential facilities, and other charities.

Other Drug Addiction Resources Locations Across The World.

Drugs Forum (Drugs-Forum.Co.Uk)

Drugs-forum is a similar resource to the directories above. The difference here is that users can search for options over a much wider area. This site provides locations across Asia, Europe, the Americas, and South Africa. This means it is valuable for distant relatives or simply getting away from current surroundings.

We Do Recover (Wedorecover.Com)

This option is a little different as it works to provide advice for addicts in the UK and South Africa. The site takes basic information about the user – age, addiction type, treatment history and budget – and matches them to services. (We Do Recover)

12 Step Treatment Centres (www.12STEPTREATMENTCENTRES.COM)

The 12 Step treatment organization has a special section on their website that locates treatment facilities across the world. The directory provides all the necessary information on services and location to help users compare options.

Addiction Helper (www.Addictionhelper.Com)

Addiction Helper -This is a different resource that devised by people that have dealt with drug addiction first hand. This team is regulated by the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals and offers referrals to top facilities across the world. These range from NHS outpatient services to global drug treatment centers and rehab.


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