Prescription Drug Addiction Epidemic

America is a country that is currently struggling with prescription drug addiction.

The availability of drugs, the reliance on these treatments by doctors and the ageing population has created a dangerous combination.

Drug abuse is growing as patients become dependent on opioids, stimulants, and depressants. There are now concerns that some European countries may be following this trend.

At the moment, it is unclear whether there is a small, containable trend developing or something more dangerous.  Adderall addiction is a big problem in the US.

Could Adderall Addiction Spread Out Into Europe?

The rise of Adderall as a stimulant drug in America is a massive concern for all involved. Students are taking these pills as an easy way of improving focus and college performance. While the tablets do offer this effect, there is a high chance of dependency.

Adderall addiction can be highly damaging to any student. There are some potential side effects such as insomnia, mood changes, anxiety and even cardiovascular issues. In the long run, this can have an adverse impact on performance and grades.

The reasons behind the desire for these stimulants are universal. This raises fears over drug abuse in Europe.

Prescription Drug Addiction

The Problem Of Stimulant Drug Addiction In Europe And The Likelihood Of Increased Substance Abuse.


Researchers are concerned about the future of prescription drug dependency in Europe because rates are higher than first anticipated. A study carries out in 2014 on 22,077 participants across Denmark, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK. The study focused on painkillers, sedatives, and stimulants including Adderall.

Spain saw a high level of opioid use for non-medical conditions and the UK did not perform much better. Germany’s readings, however, were low across the board. This suggests different attitudes and issues depending on culture and healthcare systems.

This poses a problem when trying to compare data from these two separate continents. Procedures, methods, and attitudes differ. However, this does mean there is a different attitude to prescription drugs, patient care, and record keeping.

The concern with stimulant use and Adderall addiction in the US is the way in which patients obtain the drugs. The good news is that some elements of the US issue of prescription drug addiction don’t translate over to Europe. One of the problems in American is a trend called “doctor shopping.”

This is where patients see one physician for treatment get a prescription fill and do the same at another practice. This way they can get double the pills without raising concerns.

This is much harder to do in countries with registered GPS and universal health care. These doctors are also much less inclined to prescribe high dosages of painkillers over concerns about their impact.

This is great news for the control of opioid abuse in Europe because it shows that healthcare professionals are aware of the dangers. What about stimulants like Adderall?

Statistics on the availability of stimulants in 2014 show that just 22.6% of users obtained the drugs fraudulently via their doctor. This suggests that this steadfast approach and the patient relationship does prevent misuse. However, a massive 46.6% of stimulant users give the drug by family or friends.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Will The Issue Of Prescription Drug Abuse Be That Bad In Europe?

Another interesting statistic here is the idea that only 7.6% of stimulants, 4.1% of opioids and 2.7% of sedatives obtains via an internet pharmacy. There are concerns in America that online sales are the natural option for unregulated medication.

This doesn’t seem to be as big an issue in Europe. This statistic and the current mindset of the medical community is encouraging. The concern lies with the high number of people being given these prescribed drugs by friends or family members.

There is a level of control here. It ‘s hard for addiction to go unnoticed when doctors have such high medical record systems and relationships with their patients. Even so, there is still a concern about the availability of prescribed medication for non-medical reasons.

It is also difficult to gain data on the actual extent of this issue over the continent. Data collection does not transfer to the same level, and there isn’t the same level of funding. The problem of prescription drug dependency just isn’t seen as a serious problem. With the right research, financing, and understanding, it seems as though Europe can control prescription drug abuse more easily than the US.

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