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Europharmforum.org site provides the information regarding drug medical screening testing in Europe. In this website, we have discussed three categories such as  Prescription Drugs, Medical Screening Tests, and Prescription Drug Addiction.

Europe developed a new health program for years 2014-2020. This health program is designed to help the people to improve overall health and provide the right drug prescription in the country.

Prescription drug abuse is the most severe problem in America. Three main issues occurred such as opioids (painkillers), depressants (sleeping pills and anxiety medication) and stimulants (ADHD medication). It is important for European nations to know how to handle the issue of abusing prescription drugs before it gets out of control.  Also provide a safe way of dealing with synthetic opioids for substitution medication.

Workplace drug testing is difficult for some employees in Europe. When someone was asking for the drug test in the work environment, the employer and workers know their rights.

There are lots of rules and regulations implemented in Europe which is related to the drug testing. The EU needs to maintain strong drug laws and health care policies to provide the best support for drug addicts.