7 Support Groups For Dealing With Prescription Drug Addictions

Prescription Drug Addictions

Prescription drug abuse is an issue that can destroy lives and tear families apart. It is not just the families of narcotic abuse and alcohol abuse that suffer. Prescription drug addicts require the same level of support and guidance, and it is crucial to find the best treatment programs possible.

At the same time, family members that struggle to accept the issue or help require their form of support. The following seven groups offer programs, talks, emotional support and other resources for anyone struggling with this addition.

Nar-Anon Family Groups

Prescription Drug Addiction

Nar-Anon, short for Narcotics Anonymous, is one of the leading national platforms for families of those dealing with narcotic abuse issues. They offer a 12 step …

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The EU’s 3rd Multi-Annual Health Program For 2014-2020

Prescription Drugs For Multi-Annual Health Program

In 2004, the EU developed a new Health program for years up to 2020. The final, approved name was “the third program of Union action in the field of health (2014-20)”. This six-year plan is designed to expand upon previous ideas and improve the administration of health care and prescription drugs in the region.

The Aims Are Vague And Do Not Offer Major Policy Changes To Reflect Any Significant Threat

Drug Medical Screening

There is the talk of general health promotion, disease prevention and improved accessibility to improved healthcare programs. There are also plans for innovative and sustainable health care, a healthier population, economic growth and protection for cross-border health threats.

This should all have an effect …

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International Treatment Locators For European Drug Addicts

Prescription Drug Addiction

Matching drug addicts to the right treatment options can be tricky. Some methods aren’t a good fit depending on the addiction type and a user’s personality. Some addicts may simply be unaware of the options that are available. These directories can help the UK and European addicts find a local treatment provider that satisfy their requirement.

Drug Treatment Resources Locations In The UK.

The United Kingdom has some national services providing support for drug addiction. This has lead to a range of service locators. Each has their service option, and all can find online.

Rehab Online: (Rehab-Online.Org.Uk)

Rehab online is the first place many addicts that will need to turn if they decide to go to rehab. …

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Is The EU Facing The Next Prescription Drug Addiction Epidemic

 Prescription Drug Addiction Epidemic

America is a country that is currently struggling with prescription drug addiction.

The availability of drugs, the reliance on these treatments by doctors and the aging population has created a dangerous combination.

Drug abuse is growing as patients become dependent on opioids, stimulants, and depressants. There are now concerns that some European countries may be following this trend.

At the moment, it is unclear whether there is a small, containable trend developing or something more dangerous.

Adderall Addiction Is A Big Problem In The US. Could This Spread Out Into Europe?

 Prescription Drug Addiction

The rise of Adderall as a stimulant drug in America is a massive concern for all involved. Students are taking these pills as an easy …

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The Truth About ADHD Medication And Drug Addiction

ADHD – Prescription Drug Addiction

ADHD is on the rise in America, with more diagnoses being made on children and adolescent patients. As a result, the nation is seeing an increase in the use of stimulants such as amphetamines and methylphenidate. These drugs – more commonly known as Adderall and Ritalin – are the obvious choice for controlling behavior and providing focus.

The latter is also why so many college students have now taken to using them. These tablets are easy to take and can have a significant impact on cognitive function. They increase dopamine levels to produce the desired neural pathways and focus attention.

This effect and availability mean that there are both upsides and downsides to choosing …

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