The Importance Of 23andMe’s Health and Ancestry DNA Test

Health and Ancestry DNA Test Screening

At home, medical screening tests are an area of medical testing where researchers have made some important advancements. We have seen this in STD testing, disease screening, and now there are user-friendly at-home DNA testing kits.

23andMe is one of the most well-known names in DNA tests and gene testing. Their services have been used by countless people across the world to screen for diseases and genetic conditions. As these, Health and Ancestry DNA Tests become more accessible and more people can learn about their genetic makeup. (see latest review here)

Why Are DNA Screening Tests So Important In Modern Health Care?


Services like 23andMe, and the other companies that are …

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EU Workplace Drug Testing Laws And Worker’s Rights

Medical Screening Tests – EU Workplace Laws For Workers

Workplace drug testing is a tricky subject for some workers in the EU. It is possible for some employers to request drug samples from employees to provide medical screening tests for banned substances.

However, there are lots of rules and regulations in place that determine the nature of the test and the way that it performs. There are also different rules in place for employers in different member states.

It is important that workers and their employers know their rights before asking for, or agreeing to these medical tests.

EU Workplace Medical Testing Laws And Their Evolution

Employees Medical Screening Tests

The EWDTS is the leading organization on the creation of workplace drug testing guidelines. …

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STD Screening Guidelines In Europe

STD  – Medical Screening Tests In Europe

STD testing is an important part of healthcare provision in Europe. Many nations are providing strong, sensitive screen methods in an accessible way. At the same time, some diseases seem to be on the rise with little sign of falling.

STD screening methods are vital for identifying diseases early and determining their scale across a country, or indeed the continent. The following six diseases are being screened and treated in Europe with varying levels of accuracy and accessibility.

HIV/Aids Medical Screening Tests In Europe

Medical Screening Tests

HIV/Aids is still a priority in EU healthcare guidelines. The 2014-2020 action plan focuses on the need for screening and treatment as one of its main aims. HIV increased …

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